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4 Tips to Turbocharge Your Day

accountability courageous leadership leadership advice leadership lessons leveraging leadership Apr 21, 2024

Each of us only has 86,400 seconds in our day.  Why is it that some people’s outcomes seem like they’ve got twice as much time?  It’s because they’ve learned the secret to turbocharge their day.  In today’s blog I’ve got four tips that can help you do it too and each secret starts with the same word.  PERSEVERANCE.  Yep, that’s the key to getting more done.  I can hear you saying this now, “Amy, please tell me there’s more to it than that.”  I’m sorry but there’s not my friend.  Before I get to the perseverance part, I want to take a minute to share some things that prevent us from accomplishing all that we want to in a day. We often don’t get things done because of…

  • Distractions: Constant interruptions and diversions 
  • Doubt: Self-doubt or uncertainty about our ability
  • Disorganization: Lack of proper planning
  • Demotivation: A lack of inspiration, enthusiasm or clear purpose

I realize I could write a whole blog about those four productivity killers, but not today.  Today I’m sharing how perseverance can help you feel like you’re adding hours to your day.  I learned each of these tips from my mentor and friend New York Times Bestselling Author John Maxwell.

  1. Perseverance means succeeding because you’re determined to, not destined to.


Vince Lombardi said, “The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of determination.”

This gets to our daily agendas.  We’ve got to set them in advance, stay focused and push through them each and EVERY DAY.  Perseverance is a daily ritual that requires our determination.  It doesn't automatically happen and the more consistent we are with our perseverance the better our outcomes will be.

      2. Perseverance means not stopping because you're tired, but because you’ve completed the task.


Writer Robert Strauss said, “Success is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired—you quit when the gorilla is tired.” I love that sooooo much.  There are many times during the day when I get tired.  Well, actually for me the thing that can sometimes derail me is frustration.  I just can’t allow that to stop my momentum.  I get energy through accomplishing tasks.  The more I get done, the more I seem to be able to do. I just keep fighting through the daily problems until today’s list is done.  No excuses.

      3Perseverance recognizes life isn’t a long race, but many short ones in succession.


NFL cornerback Kenny Moore said, “Part of a runner’s training consists of pushing back the limits of his mind.”  Mindset is a critical part of our success.  Early in my leadership career I had a boss who would always remind me that I wasn’t running a hundred-yard dash, I was running a marathon.  While that was an important perspective to teach me that I can’t fix everything quickly and I need to look and plan for the long term. I like the concept of completing one task at a time and moving on.  This way of seeing perseverance speaks to my desire to wrap things up.  I also find it encouraging, because the likelihood of me running a marathon is slim.  However, I can absolutely, even at 56, still run a 50-yard dash.  I probably won’t finish first, but I’ll finish it.

        4. Perseverance has a compounding effect on life.


French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said, “Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you.”

In his course Success=5% Brains+95% Consistency, John Maxwell shares about the struggle of having “uphill hopes” and “downhill habits.” Lots of people have big dreams, but they aren’t always reflected in our daily routines.  We can’t make those big dreams come true if we can’t harness the power of perseverance.  I hope these tips help you, not only, turbocharge your day but also increase the positive impact you make on the world around you.